Please refer to the product label for the most accurate nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information.

Allergen and Cross-Contact Policy

  • Our manufacturing facilities comply with FDA regulation that requires Allergen Control programs to control allergen cross-contact on the top 9 allergens. The line is fully cleaned before the production of our products and tested using allergen-specific ELISA kits. The finished goods are tested for gluten/wheat after every production run.

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Allergens & Ingredients Chart


  • We follow the Johns Hopkins definition of corn-free products* which states products are considered corn-free if they do not have the presence of corn protein in the final sweets. As far as health and safety are concerned, we always advise consulting your medical professional. *

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  • The citric acid and ascorbic acid used in our products are derived from corn, beets, cassava and/or cane sugar. However, there is no corn protein present in the citric acid and ascorbic acid.

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  • The following YumEarth products are considered corn-free: peppermint hard candies, giggles®, sour giggles®, chewys™, seasonal holiday candy cane pops, and candy canes (regular & mini).

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  • Any products containing corn as an ingredient are listed on the packaging. Currently, our Choco Yums and Pomegranate Licorice contain corn.

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Overall Ingredients

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